The Music

 Sacred Souls - Stand Up Video was shot in Lexington,Ky. over a 2 days period. We had a great crew as well as fans in the community that helped the making this video a blast.  We wanted everyone who ever had  goal or a passion in life to stand up for what they believe in despite any opposition. 

Abby Lee Band - Applepie Moonshine video is the first video from up and coming female country artist Abby Lee. Abby is part of Lirco Co. and Rick as lead guitarist they will be hitting the road this summer.

XFACTOR1 - Peace, Love & Alcohol Video was shoot in a total of about 16 hours, the song and video is to relate to the old school 80's and 90's rock videos. Showing that having fun and just everyone hanging out listening to great music with friends. Had a blast on the set with the crew and the guys


Rick loves connecting with fans. He welcome fan videos and live recordings. If you have a shot of the him or a video clip, pass it along and we'll do our best to post it on the site.

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